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Which Sneaker Should I Buy?

If we have one thing to be grateful for right now it is the milder weather!  We can step outside and reap the physical and emotional benefits of sunshine and fresh air.

To be able to walk or run without foot pain is priceless.  In this blog post, I have included some considerations when shopping for a new pair of sneakers as well as some brand recommendations.

In general, running sneakers are the best type to choose whether you are actually running or just walking.  They are light weight, well-cushioned and provide good support.

Sneaker Buying Tips

When purchasing a new pair of sneakers or shoes be sure to:

1.  Have your feet measured. 

  • As we get older are feet tend to get longer and wider.  A majority of adults are wearing shoes that are too small or too narrow, which can lead to foot pain and injury. 
  • A Ritz Stick is an easy to use shoe sizer that you can use at home (they also make a children’s foot measuring device). It measures both length and width.  I purchased mine from Amazon.
  • Feet can be different sizes, so always purchase for the larger foot. 

2.  Find out what type of arch you have. 

There are 3 common types of arches (high, low and normal).  You can narrow down the type of shoe you will need based on your arch height.

  • High (Supinator):  A flexible and well cushioned shoe, especially in the midsole, is best
  • Low (Pronator):  You will need a supportive shoe that provides good stability and motion control
  • Normal:  A combination of stability and support works best

3. If you can, shop for or try on shoes in the late afternoon or evening when your feet are somewhat swollen.  That way you won’t end up purchasing a shoe that feels too tight by the end of the day.

Sneaker Brand Recommendations

Each brand offers different styles depending on what activity you will be wearing them for (running, walking, trail, cross-trainers), the type of arch you have and the width of your foot.  It’s important to try on a few different brands as they all fit and feel slightly different. Here are some options to consider:

Altra / New Balance / Asics / Saucony / Mizuno / Hoka / Brooks

My personal favorite is Altra.  I have a low arch and a neuroma (pinched nerve) in my right foot.  These shoes have been a godsend.  When wearing my Altra Paradigm I feel completely supported and the wide toe box prevents compression of my toes.  I can walk for hours without any pain.

On the other hand, my husband, who has a high arch, prefers Asics.  He finds they offer a natural fit to his foot with support and cushioning in the appropriate places.  Additionally, he has a wide forefoot, and Asics offers an X-Wide width, which gives him plenty of room in the toe box.

All of the brands listed above are available at The Running Co. of South Jersey.

Please call the office 856-599-0133 if you would like to be evaluated.  We are happy to make recommendations based on your specific needs.

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