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Salon Pedi Tips

Now that beauty and nail salons are up and running, women and men are resuming their pre-COVID pedicure ritual.

I wanted to lay out some important considerations prior to scheduling your next pedi.

  • Always go to a reputable salon.
  • Look around to see if the staff are disinfecting foot baths and sanitizing tools.
  • Be sure sterile instruments and new emery boards are utilized for each client.
  • Bring your own polish!  Bacteria and fungus can be transferred from person to person.  You never know who the polish was used on before you chose it.
  • Do not shave your legs prior to a pedicure.  Small cuts in the skin allow bacteria to enter the body.
  • Do not allow your cuticles to be cut, only pushed back.  Damage to the cuticle will allow bacteria and fungus to enter the area between the nail and the skin.
  • For thick calloused skin, pumice stones and foot files are OK, razors are not!
  • Do not cover thick or discolored nails with polish.  This may be a sign of a fungal infection which should be treated.  Nail polish is occlusive and can only make the condition worse.

If you are concerned that you have a nail or skin issue, and to avoid potential risks such as infection, please call our office to be evaluated by Dr. Tsombaris prior to scheduling a pedicure.