Swift Wart Treatment

Say Goodbye to Stubborn Warts with Swift

We are thrilled to have joined an elite group of practitioners offering cutting edge Swift microwave therapy for the treatment of warts. Family Foot & Ankle Care Center, the office of Dr. Diana S. Tsombaris, DPM, is the first practice in Gloucester County to offer this state-of-the-art treatment. Swift provides an alternative to the traditional painful destructive treatments such as acid, cryotherapy, laser and surgical excision.

What is Swift?

Swift is the pioneering new microwave therapy device for skin.  Plantar warts have long been a frustrating condition and finally there is an answer. Unlike other destructive treatment methods, Swift targets the root cause of the wart, the HPV Virus.  Microwave energy is introduced into the skin, heating cells to between 109 and 114 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat initiates an immune cascade which allows the body to detect and attack the HPV virus, ridding the patient of this painful condition.

Swift is FDA cleared for children and adults.

How does the treatment work?

Treatment protocol includes an average of 3-4 visits with each treatment lasting only 5-10 minutes. During each treatment you will receive multiple 2 second doses of microwave energy, total dosage will vary based on size and age of the lesion.  Visits are spaced 4 weeks apart to coincide with the body’s immune cycle, with follow up scheduled for 12 weeks following the final treatment.  Complete resolution is aligned with the strength of your body’s immune response.

What should I expect?

A therapy that is fast, safe, clean and effective. There is a slight discomfort as the tissue temperature increases over the 2 second dose of energy, however this subsides immediately after each dose.

  • 98% of patients continue daily tasks per normal
  • 95% of patients recommend Swift to a friend
  • 70% of patients rated Swift a 10/10
If you are one of the millions of people in the United States suffering from plantar warts, let the journey to freedom begin.  Left untreated, the HPV virus will persist and is unlikely to resolve.  We are here to help.  Call 856-599-0133 to book an appointment at our podiatry office in Clarksboro, NJ to find out more about how Swift can help you get back on your feet!